From fires to floods, simple issues to the most complex claims, Timmons Consulting Group public insurance adjusters are independent advocates that have one goal in mind – to recover every dollar to which you are entitled.


"Information is not knowledge.

The only source of knowledge is experience."


– Albert Einstein

Our team of expert public adjusters here at Timmons Consulting Group brings decades of experience to the table to handle just about any kind of claim you are filing, be it a structure, contents, business interruption or loss of rents claim. We don't just file the claim for you, we dig into the damage, explore all angles of the policy and discover everything you are entitled to for a more complete recovery.

When you proactively involve our firm at the start of your claims process, you gain an immediate advantage in documenting the claim. From the beginning of the process to the very end of the claim, we work diligently to fill in every gap, uncover hidden damage and prove the claims to retrieve all that you are entitled to.


Our public adjusters can also step in during the claims process, correct the path of the claim and help you obtain a final settlement. Insurance company adjusters usually set a reserve based on their preliminary estimate of damages, which generally favor the insurance carrier not you. In many cases, we have reopened claims and retrieved greater settlements after examining all the pertinent data and making recommendations for recovery.


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