Claims Assistance for Your Commercial Properties

Your property and your business are your world. When that property is damaged, and your business is affected, you can count on Timmons Consulting Group to spring into action and actively pursue the maximum settlement, so you can get back on track as quickly as possible and focus on your business.

Structure Claims

Usually these claims are estimated by contractors for insurance adjusters based on standard repair methods. In many cases, insurance contractors submit conservative estimates in order to remain in favor with the insurance company adjuster to secure the job and future work. Often times these contractors know it would cost more to the job right and are forced to cut corners on the repairs to remain profitable. You get what you pay for. Make sure you get paid for what you’ve worked for!  


Our firm will review the damages and help prepare an estimate based on true pre-loss conditions. We have the negotiating experience. We establish an intimate familiarity with the property and the policy. Our expertise in construction estimating, combined with decades of insurance claims experience often result in significant increases in most structure claims.


Contents Claims

These claims can cover equipment, furniture, inventory and any other business-related items. Whether damages are minimal or extreme, you have decisions to make about the amount of damages to claim, what should be salvaged, and what you can clean and restore. These decisions are best made under the advisement of an experienced and knowledgeable advocate. Timmons Consulting Group will direct and assist you in making informed decisions that best suit your positions and goals.


Business Interruption Claims

These claims all depend on how they are presented. The insurance adjuster typically requests past tax returns, sales tax records, profit and loss statements and more from the insured’s accountant. These documents are conformed to meet tax requirements, and generally are set up to minimize the taxes your business is still obligated to pay, but may not be in your best interest in an insurance claim.  


Our firm will request all financial records for review before submitting your business interruption claim. With diligent, thorough preparation, Timmons Consulting Group regularly increases our clients’ business interruption claims by thousands of dollars.