Your Partner in Protecting Your Home

Homeowners protect themselves with insurance. They can often protect themselves further by ensuring their residential claim is handled efficiently and returns a settlement that includes all to which they are entitled. The insurance adjuster is not obligated to point out any inaccuracies or missing information from a claim. That is our job and we can see exactly what is missing or inaccurate prior to filing the claim. Once inaccuracies or omissions have been filed, the path can still be corrected. However odds are you will need an experienced advocate on your side to do so.

Structure Claims

Contractors often work well within the letter of the law, but the best interests of the insured are not necessarily among their priorities. After all, the insurance company pays them, and a contractor wants to maintain that relationship with the insurance company to get future work. Low contractor estimates often result in cutting corners and/or the use of sub-par materials in the rebuild. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to invest in a public adjuster to assist in the estimation process of a structure claim.  Timmons Consulting Group has the experience to prepare your residential property claim to make sure that you get everything you deserve, not just the bare minimum.


Contents Claims

When residential damages occur and household contents are damaged, complicated depreciation tables are often utilized by insurance companies to determine costs of replacement.  Don’t leave it up to an insurance company adjuster to dismiss the value of your belongings. We are highly experienced in carefully preparing claims submissions that significantly increase residential contents claim settlements.


Living Expenses Claims

On top of the physical turmoil wrought by residential damages, homeowners must continue to take care of themselves and their families in the aftermath of disaster. Timmons Consulting Group is a true advocate for homeowners when seeking coverage of expenditures during a difficult time.