Here to Protect Your Multi-Family Property

Having a multi-family property as an investment can be a real challenge, especially when individual owners and investment groups are located far away. At Timmons Consulting Group, we understand the complexities of that commitment and have made it our mission to deliver prompt, personal service every step of the way.

Since we are based in Texas, we can act swiftly to handle claims tasks in the region. Plus, with one of the nation’s largest airports in our backyard, we can go beyond our region to provide that same personal service wherever devastation occurs. No matter the location, our adjusters ensure immediate service by being available by phone and e-mails whenever you need them.


Rebuilding Investments. Building Relationships

In the past few years, Timmons Consulting Group has realized a 50% growth in multi-family clients from California alone, a result of repeat clients and new client referrals. After many post-claim discussions with repeat clients, it’s clear why they return to Timmons Consulting Group – the personal service.


We are proud of our service. It’s what earns our client’s trust and keeps them coming back. We are not a firm that juggles your claim through departments, picks the low hanging fruit and moves you through the system. Our dedication to service, commitment to dig in, investigate and uncover everything, is what makes us unique and invaluable to our clients.


New Client Bonus – Annual Pre-Damage Roof Inspection and Documentation

Increasingly, insurance companies are denying roof claims because properties are not inspected regularly. So, as part of the long-term relationship we build with our clients, we provide an annual pre-damage roof documentation. Consider it a yearly checkup of the health of your roof.


Our annual roof inspections help our clients by organizing documentation and eliminating the potential for denial. Timmons Consulting Group will also review property statuses for any updates or remodeling of complexes in preparation of potential claims. This service not only helps eliminate the potential of denial, but expedites future claims tremendously.