The Benefits of the Services of a Public Adjuster

It is very important to make a good, healthy inspection with regard to the insurance settlement when you are faced with an incident about your property such as water damage or fire, etc. For example, in many cases water damage can manifest years later rather than be seen by the naked eye immediately. Most insurance companies are going to give only a quick look at a lot of things, while you are thinking you are getting an expert inspection. In the event of fire, wind, hail, storm or water damage resulting in your property being damaged, insurance adjusters will evaluate your damage amount and provide you indemnity, but you should remember that the insurance adjuster’s job is to minimize your claim for the sake of the insurance company. This reduces the compensation and total payout that you get from the insurance company.

Hiring a Public Adjuster can help you increase your settlement amount in addition to settling your claim as quickly as possible. The Public Adjuster is your consultant and works for you. When accidents happen, an experienced Public Adjuster provides you many benefits including getting a prompt, fair and appropriate payment.

Although generally around 30%, in many cases Timmons Consulting Group has managed to double or even triple the insurance company’s offer of settlement. This comes from years of experience and knowledge negotiating with actual proof when presenting a claim to the insurance company. For example, using equipment such as infrared or thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters at your property for water damages can determine the actual water damage in a home or building immediately. Your insurance company will probably hope you don’t know about this and perhaps won’t bring in such equipment to use during their inspection.

In every claim, regardless of the amount, Timmons Consulting Group represents you, in the best way, making sure you get what you pay for. Our main mission is to ensure that you get reimbursed a proper payment to replace what you lost according to the policy agreement. After all, this is the purpose of purchasing an insurance policy and we are ready to take action for you when making a claim.

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