Signs That Your Roof May Have Sustained Hail Damage

Hail is one of the most destructive forms of weather to homes, and when the weather turns cold hail damage can become quite common. However, while it is generally obvious when hail has damaged a vehicle or a window, many homeowners are unaware of the signs that can be indicative that their roof may have been damaged by hail. Thusly, it is important for homeowners to be aware of these signs, as they will want to have any damage assessed and repaired before further issues arise. Here are just a few of the signs that you can look for on your roof (once the weather is safe to do so) that can be indicative that you may be in need of hail damage repair.

Damage to Metal Surfaces

You will first want to check any metal surfaces on your roof for denting. Dents in these metal surfaces can help to give you an indication as to how large the hail was. Furthermore, excessive denting could be an indicator that the hail fell heavily and that there may be damage to your roof. If you notice a great deal of denting during your examination, you will want to carefully check the rest of your roof for damage. Furthermore, you may want to call a professional to inspect your roof for damage you may not have noticed.

Cracked/Chipped Shingles

Another obvious sign that your roof has been damaged by a recent storm is if you notice any damage to your shingles during your inspection. It is important after any major storm that you look carefully over your shingles for any damage. Even a small crack in a shingle needs to be fixed as the problem could become much more serious the next time there is a storm.

If you notice any damage to your roof after a hailstorm, it is vital that you have this damage taken care of before more serious problems arise. Your roof is your home’s first layer of defense during a storm, and thusly, it is important that your roof is in top condition year round. Contact us to find out about more of the signs you can look out for that could be indicative that your roof has been damaged during a recent storm.

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