Why the Insurance Claims Process is Unfair and Needs an Adjuster for Your Home Damage

The insurance claims process can potentially become very frustrating when you’re dealing with damage to your home from natural circumstances. That’s because so many insurance companies are starting to slight the people they claim to protect by not compensating them for damages. If you know the mechanics of how insurance companies operate, it shouldn’t be surprising when many of those companies are out to think of their own bottom line than help you.

While insurance is still mandatory, how do you fight back when an insurance company inspects your home and insists damage isn’t that bad? With a recent case here in Texas, some people are taking more extremes in making sure they get the money they deserve. The smarter route, though, is to just hire a public adjuster.

Fighting Insurance Claims

In Austin, Texas recently, a symposium was held by insurance companies to propose a “War on Hail” based on the record amount of homes filing for hail damage since 2010. The title of this symposium should tell you everything about how insurance companies think, even if you can’t blame them for the title when there’s such an abundance of claims.

As for the public, their extensive claims show how people are realizing the major damage nature can bring to homes. The trouble with hail is that it can leave behind subtle damage an insurance company can easily overlook. This includes damage to shingles on the roof where physical damage isn’t always apparent to the naked eye.

The above people expecting major payouts for repairs from the insurance companies might be surprised in the end. What they should do is hire a public adjuster to gain definitive proof of their hail damage so the insurance companies won’t continue to declare “war” on them.

Public Adjusters Will Help Get the Proper Repairs

With a new law in Texas that doesn’t allow the so-called inspector to do repair, hiring a public adjuster to hire a proper inspector is going to be essential. Here at Timmons Consulting Group, we’re public adjusters who represent Texans to make sure they get the proper home repairs when nature wreaks havoc. We’ll make sure the proper inspection equipment gets used so there won’t be any denial of the evidence.

Contact us if you’re one of those who recently filed a claim for hail damage and hope your insurance company will come through. The chances are, they won’t compensate you enough, and we’ll step in to prove their inspection lent too much of an intentional blind eye.

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