Texas Licensed Public Adjusters Can Exceed Your Expectations

When you have a disaster in your home, you are negotiating with your insurance company as well as dealing with repairs. You hire a public adjuster in order to make certain the insurance company is treating you fairly. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your public adjuster is misrepresenting you or working fraudulently.

What is the difference between an unlicensed and licensed public adjuster?

According to a recent article in Claims Journal,

Unlicensed public adjusters undergo no training, examination, certification or review by state regulatory authorities. They have no fiduciary duty to the policyholder, and are bound by no professional regulations. Often, the only penalties they may face could be civil claims by the homeowner or property owner, or – if they commit fraud – possible criminal charges. . .

Sometimes unlicensed public adjusters also promote themselves as contractors, too. This is a problem because they are then motivated by their own profits rather than helping you, the client. Often these unlicensed adjusters “double-dip” by taking a portion of the insurance funds as well as payment for their work which they may or may not ever complete. According to House Bill #1183, this is against Texas law.

On the other hand, you can feel safe hiring an adjuster from Timmons Consulting Group. In keeping with Texas law, our public adjusters undergo criminal background checks and hold an Accredited Adjuster Certification. We follow a strict code of ethics guaranteeing we will advocate for you with integrity as you go through the claims process.

Unlike insurance adjusters who work for an insurance company, we work for you. We will make certain you are treated fairly.

Furthermore, we know and follow the Texas law regarding conflict of interest. We will never represent a policyholder in an insurance claim and perform the work in question. As your advocate, we will stick with you through the entire claims process. We want you to be satisfied, and as Public Adjusters, we don’t receive payment until after you do.

Without a doubt, the best move you can make to ensure that your claim is handled in an equitable and efficient manner is to contact us. Timmons Consulting Group is your worry-free answer to making certain your insurance claim is resolved to your satisfaction.

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