Let a Dallas Public Adjuster Be Your Advocate and Increase Your Insurance Settlement

I have been talking the past few months about the benefits of a Public Adjuster and their role of advocate in the claims process. To me, my job as a Public Adjuster goes beyond just advocate. I also see my role as an essential part of a client’s team. When I am engaged, I consider all aspects of a claim to assure that my client is covered for all insurable perils. This begins with the policy review, covers the estimation process, recovering the insurance proposal, setting the direction and path of the claim, and finally getting a claim settled.

While you are dealing with catastrophic loss, sometimes a third-party advocate can bring in the necessary guidance and strategy needed to overcoming the obstacles.

On October 26, 2010, a violent storm moved through Downtown Ft. Worth, TX. My client’s complex suffered visible damages as seen in the photos. On a previous claim, the owner of the complex used a contractor to repair the damage to the complex and was considering another contractor for this claim. However, not completely satisfied with the last contractor, the owner reached out to his broker who then recommended our firm to assist him in getting the claim settled.

The insurance adjuster estimated the damage to be less than $200,000, but the dynamics of the claim changed as I inspected the attic areas for hidden structural truss damages. After three different buildings and their truss systems were examined, serious hidden structural damage was discovered.

During the time that the insurance adjuster and his expert engineering firm worked to compile data, I put together my own team of engineers to produce a report on behalf of the insured. This process required many combined hours with experts, on-site inspections, re-inspections, and re-inspections, meeting with vendors, City Code Inspectors and negotiations with the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster’s report inferred that many damaged trusses were pre-existing; however, there was no recorded history of any violent storms or tornado’s in the area. In the end, the claim settled for $1,248,000.

I’ve found this business like a game of chess. It requires you to anticipate the opponent’s next move and to be prepared. In this business relationships are important. Don’t wait until a catastrophic event happens to you to establish a relationship with your future advocate. Give me a call before you need me! I would love to help you in the event you do suffer a catastrophic loss, and it just might give you peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you and your best interest.

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