A Personal Insurance Adjuster Can Lead To Business Success With Insurance Claims

No business owner wants to deal with a tragedy, but they still happen. When the destructive force of nature or criminal vandalism occurs, a business owner will have to deal with insurance companies. They may be experts at their business, but knowing how to get the best possible deal on an insurance claim may be an entirely new challenge for them. This is a situation where they need experience on their side; they need a personal insurance adjuster.

You wouldn't go to court without representation, so why not have representation for your insurance claims?

A personal insurance adjuster hired by a business owner will analyze all of the damage and loss that has occurred. They will then carefully examine the insurance policy to see what is covered and to what extent. A personal insurance adjuster will then make certain the business owner gets the most compensation to which they are entitled to under the terms of their insurance policy.

Companies have to realize the insurance company will also have an adjuster. The insurance company adjuster will best serve their employer by keeping the insurance payout low. A personal insurance adjuster works directly for the business owner. A business with a personal insurance adjuster can be certain they’ll get the full amount of an insurance payout they are owed.

Establish a relationship now

A mistake many business owners make is waiting too long to contact a personal insurance adjuster. They may only contact one when they find the payout offered by the insurance company’s adjuster is unsatisfactory. Waiting could add time to the insurance claim process. It could increase getting a payout by up to two months. This is because the personal insurance adjuster will have to educate themselves on what has already transpired in regards to the insurance claim. They will then have to do some new negotiations with the insurance company.

Remember, a Public Adjuster works for you! The next time you or someone you know is faced with major damage or loss and a potentially large insurance claim, give Timmons Consulting Group a call. We may not work miracles, but we will get you the payout you deserve from your insurance company, and it just might give you peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you and your best interest.

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