Wind Damage That Isn’t Readily Apparent: What Public Adjusters Help You Find

Wind damage can sometimes be obvious after a storm such as a hurricane, or it can sometimes leave behind more subtle damage. Even with the advancements in the construction industry who have focused on improving structures to withstand strong storms such as, reinforcing house foundations and designing stronger attachments for the roof to the walls other damages can still happen, no matter preparations take place. This is how a public insurance adjuster can make your life much easier because they scope out the things your insurance inspectors might overlook for the sake of cheaper settlements.

What will a public adjuster look out for if you fear you have more wind damage than what your insurance says you have? Here at Timmons Consulting Group, you can be sure our public adjusters will be thorough in our inspections.

  • INSPECTION OF SHINGLES: Your insurance company may overlook the possibility that you have damaged shingles or even have some missing. Most people underestimate the potential for loss with just a single shingle being damaged and believe multiple shingles need to be damaged in order to make a claim. Our public adjusters will give a very careful inspection of your shingles and examine each one to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. If we find anything, we’ll make sure it gets fixed promptly.

  • CAREFUL INSPECTION OF GUTTERS: Gutters can also be overlooked in the potential for damage. You can’t always tell damage to gutters by just looking. Sometimes wind damage can be very subtle and ultimately affect how rain water drains away from your property. Our adjusters will give your gutters a careful inspection to ensure there aren’t any leaks, obstructions, or other damage that could potentially cause a flood on your property during the next storm.

  • INSPECTING WINDOWS: Windows can sometimes become cracked from flying tree limbs during a wind storm. If you have trees in front of your windows, an insurance inspector may not look carefully enough to see what damage could be there. You can be sure we’ll give a detailed inspection of every window around your home to repair any cracks that could be bringing water inside.

  • OTHER INSPECTIONS AROUND OR IN THE HOME: Besides looking for the obvious, we will look around your property for other more subtle wind damage. This can mean inspecting the integrity of a surrounding fence to make sure there is not a possibility it could collapse, or inspecting the ceiling or walls inside your home to see if water damage or spots are apparent. These water spots are very important because they prove your roof has damage that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Remember, a Public Adjuster works for you! If you believe your property might have suffered from undiagnosed wind damage, or you want to make sure that you don’t have a problem that is not apparent just yet, contact us to get an evaluation. We will send a public adjuster out to your property to do a throughout inspection. Timmons Consulting Group has a strong track record of garnering as much as a 40% increase over typical insurance settlements. As well, we’re noted for speeding up the slow pace of settlement claims. We may not work miracles, but we will get you the payout you deserve from your insurance company, and it just might give you peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you and your best interest.

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