In the End, A Public Adjuster Can Help You Win

An insurance settlement dispute may be inevitable for those with homeowners insurance in a time when natural disasters seem to be increasing. Damage to your home can now happen virtually anywhere with dozens of disaster scenarios from hurricanes to earthquakes. When those incidents happen, you have to do everything you can to make sure the settlement you receive in your homeowners insurance is fair. When it becomes unfair, there are methods to file a dispute. However, with so many developing loopholes in insurance contracts, a public adjuster may have to be by your side.

What should you do first in an insurance dispute?

The first thing that should be done is to read the contract to understand what it covers. While you may have glanced through the verbiage when you bought the policy, far too many people do not bother to read it thoroughly. Even if there was an initial reading of the policy at signing, now is the time to get it out now and read it carefully to understand what’s covered and what is not. Sometimes the wording in the contract contradicts what the insurance refused to pay.

Creating a convincing dispute

A homeowner should not be afraid to file a dispute if a claim against a denied claim. Then again, when the contract says they cover something, a compelling case must still be made, so there is not another refusal that wastes your time. When damage is not noticeable to the naked eye, it can be overlooked in the total settlement.

When writing your insurance company with a dispute, include direct evidence of damage to your home the initial insurance adjustor missed. This evidence has to be very clear with a direct letter explaining everything undeniably. When it is difficult to explain the damage well an expert analysis may be required-that is where a public adjuster can help assist in the process.

While it is best to hire a Public Adjuster at the beginning of a claim, if you do decide to file a dispute on your own, you can hire one at any time. Remember that when filing a dispute, it always needs to be sent by registered mail, so there is proof the insurance company received it. Also, keep a copy for your own files. In the dispute, be sure to include the best possible photos of your evidence, plus any written analysis from experts or other witnesses.

A public adjuster helps with all of the above so you can focus on the important things in your life. It is difficult to be successful in filing a claim on your own and people often In order to be successful, people need to hire experts to scope out home damage. A public adjuster will evaluate your claim and hire experts to come in and prove your case of subtle damage an insurance company missed.

Here at Timmons Consulting Group, we have the best public adjusters who have considerable experience gaining higher settlements for many homeowners affected by natural disasters. Contact us so we can tell you more about our continuing drive toward advocacy for private commercial and residential policyholders.

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