Texas Public Adjusters May Help with Unfair Insurance Settlements

Over the years, there have been many instances where America’s property owners had no choice but to deal with unfair insurance settlements and more. For proof, one only needs to peruse the American Association for Justice’s report titled The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America or check out the September 11, 2013 edition of the TODAY show. Both highlight what can go wrong when dealing with an insurance company representatives.

It is horror stories like those that have spurred states like Texas, and others, to adopt unfair claims statues and regulations. However, it does not mean that all insurance companies abide by the rules. On a positive note, our Texas based public adjusters can assist property owners with overturning unfair insurance adjustments. We can also assist you by making sure that unfair insurance adjustments never occur in the first place.

“How does our Texas based public adjusting firm accomplish those seemingly complicated tasks with efficiency?” Quite plainly, we have intimate knowledge of the Texas insurance industry and do not work for its members. We work solely and tirelessly for you, the insurance policy holder. We hold accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and licensed by the state board of insurance. So you do not have to worry about unfair appraisals, strong arm tactics, fly-by-night business deals and the like.

If you call our office immediately after a disaster, our public adjusters will instantly get to work evaluating the situation. Afterward, we’ll help you wade through the morass of paperwork utilized by many insurance companies and file your claim. Once the insurance company makes a settlement offer, we’ll help assess its merit and discuss what your options are. Then we’ll mediate on your behalf until you get an equitable insurance settlement.

Should you wait until after you have filed a claim, or unfairly settled, do not worry-contact us and we can help. We know how to reopen and renegotiate Texas insurance settlements to a policy holder’s satisfaction. To learn more about public adjusters and how the process of overturning unfair insurance settlements works, please contact us today.

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