Personal Insurance Adjuster Discusses Hurricane News Reports in Texas

All of the recent hurricane news has undoubtedly left some Texans feeling a bit apprehensive. First, there was the anniversary coverage of the most expensive hurricane to ever hit the Long Star State. Then, about a week later, the announcement came that Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel were potentially headed towards South Texas. With that in mind, our personal insurance adjusters in Plano wanted to offer two reminders to our fellow Texans:

First, please make sure that you take all of the necessary hurricane season precautions to remain protected during and after the storm. Insurance wise, those precautions include completing inventory checklists, reviewing policies and placing essential documents in waterproof, secure areas. You may also want to download hurricane tracking and shelter location related mobile apps from the Red Cross. They could come in handy if you need to evacuate.

Second, remember that after the storm, our personal insurance adjusters will be there for you and not the insurance companies. Just give our personal insurance adjusters a call. Afterward, they will help you start the recovery process by meeting with you to discuss what damage occurred and what coverage you have. Things that our personal insurance adjusters will be calculating for you are hidden and obvious hurricane damages as well as related costs. Depending on your situation, those related costs may include additional business or living expenses associated with a mandatory evacuation.

Once all of those things have been addressed, our personal insurance adjusters will focus their attention on properly filing your hurricane damage claims. From there, they will put all of their efforts into ensuring that the applicable Texas insurance companies respond to your requests in a quick and equitable manner.

To learn more about our personal insurance adjusters’ services before the next hurricane or tropical storm hits Texas, please contact us at (972) 234-8300.

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