Texas Public Adjusters Can Help with Flood Water Damage Claims

It is no secret that Texas is known for its flash floods.

Last year alone, a record was set when flooding took place at Houston’s Hobby Airport. The sad news is that despite the natural disaster’s prevalence, many Texans are not prepared to deal with its aftermath. Here’s more:

According to the National Flood Insurance Program’s figures, a mere 645,454 Texans are insured against the natural disaster. That leaves the rest of the Long Star State’s residents with no insurance at all or a modest policy that is apt to offer little, if any, protection against water damage.

Considering that 2-inches of water running into a 2,000 sq/ft Texas home, on average, is apt to cause more than $19,000 in damages, that’s pretty disturbing. What’s even more disconcerting is that some Texas insurance companies may overlook water damage that is not readily visible or miscalculate the cost of repairs or replacement values. The good news is that Texas property owners have people that are not connected to their insurance company that they can turn to for assistance in reaching suitable settlements. Those people are Texas Public Insurance Adjusters.

Texas Public Insurance Adjusters, like the ones available through the Timmons Consulting Group, are capable of serving many functions.

To begin with, our private insurance adjusters can help Texans review their insurance policies for water damage coverage and file a well-thought out, accurate claim. That’s not all that they can do either. In the event that the property owner’s insurance company tries to offer less, our Texas Public Insurance Adjusters can step in quickly and negotiate a proper settlement.

Of course that is just a glimpse at what we can do. Texans that wish to discover the additional benefits of hiring a public insurance adjuster in Texas should contact us at (972) 234-8300. We have extensive experience in handling commercial, multi-family, HOA, management company and residential insurance issues.

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