Should You Handle an Insurance Settlement Dispute on Your Own?

What happens when you are trying to settle a commercial or personal fire damage claim but you believe the insurance company isn’t negotiating fairly? Whether it’s a problem with coverage, damages, or costs, it’s often difficult to resolve an insurance settlement dispute once negotiations have spun out of control. The entire claims process can be easier when you have a public adjuster working on your behalf.

What can a Public Adjuster do for you?

A Public Adjuster is experienced and highly trained. He knows property claims, insurance policy provisions, and coverage issues. He knows claim procedures and damage estimating techniques, and he can use all of that knowledge to negotiate your property claim down to the last detail.

A Public Adjuster is just like an insurance company claims adjuster, except for one major difference. While the company adjuster is looking out for his employer, the public adjuster will be looking out for you.

What if you waited too late?

A Public Adjuster does his most efficient work when he’s called in soon after your home is damaged. When he’s on the job asap, he can be there from the beginning –when the insurance company adjuster first visits your property– to the end, when it’s time to negotiate a fair settlement. He can survey the damage, review construction estimates, help you document your claim, and assist you in preparing your proof of loss.

To get optimum results, it’s best to call a public adjuster soon after you report your property damage claim to your insurance company. But even if you wait until settlement negotiations have broken down, a public adjuster can still help you get the settlement you deserve by accomplishing these tasks and more:

  • Reveiwing what happened with your claim before he got involved

  • Discussing repairs with your insurance company

  • Talking to your contractor about the damages/repairs to your property

  • Concluding insurance negotiations on your behalf

  • Following up to make sure you are paid in a timely manner

Should you handle a dispute on your own?

You will eventually resolve your claim settlement dispute one way or another –even if you have to go up against the insurance company all by yourself. Property policies outline the procedures traditionally used to resolve differences of opinion. So there are written rules that they must follow.

Those procedures may involve binding arbitration, mediation, or appraisal. And it can take a while to complete the process and get your settlement check. You can work your way through all the red tape, but you won’t have to if you have a public adjuster to represent you.

Contact us for more information about public adjusters and how they can work to get the best settlement possible for your personal or commercial property loss.

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