Property Damage? We Can Help You With Your Insurance Claim

Whether it’s wind damage or water damage, damage caused by a natural disaster or damage caused by crime, when your home or business is damaged, having a public adjuster help your with your insurance claim can get you the money you deserve.

Although you pay your insurance company in order for your property to be covered in the unfortunate incident of damage, insurance policies require that an individual prove the damage that was caused. And ultimately, the adjuster who is sent to survey the damage by your insurance company works for the company itself. A public adjuster, however, works solely for you.

Early on in the claims process, individuals often say too much or not enough when speaking to their insurance companies. This can have a significant impact on how much the insurance company is willing to pay out. Hiring a public adjuster as soon as the damage occurs can help you avoid costly mistakes when making your claim. This means more money for you. In fact, for our clients, Timmons Consulting Group averages a thirty to forty percent increase over the insurance company’s suggested settlement.

A public adjuster can also help you receive money for things you might not consider if you’re filing a claim by yourself. For example, in the case of commercial property claims, the Timmons Consulting Group can review your past financial records and help you to submit a business interruption claim that can work for your benefit. Likewise, the expertise Timmons Consulting Group has with the true cost of construction can significantly increase the amount of your settlement for structural damages.

If you have property damage and need more information about how Timmons Consulting Group can help you with your insurance claim, contact us.

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