6 Signs You Have Hail Damage to Your Roof

Last night a hail storm ripped through North Texas. How do you know if you have received damage?

1. Check out your shrubs and plants around your home. If their leaves are battered or they are stripped of foliage, this is a good sign your roof might have hail damage as well. Furthermore, if your patio furniture or screens are damaged, that may point to additional damage to your roof.

It can be dangerous to climb up on your roof, so most people call their insurance adjuster at this point to report a claim. Your adjuster will be looking for further proof of hail damage before any monies are dispersed.

These are other signs of hail damage:

2. The reinforcing mat is ruptured on your asphalt shingles. The reason this is problematic is that with the mat ruptured, the roof may no longer have the water-repelling ability it is supposed to have. If the roof cannot shed water, then water may seep into the roof fasteners or the butted joints in the sheathing resulting in interior water damage.

3. Loss of the protective mineral surface granules on the shingles that exposes the underlying black substrate is one sign of damage. The loss of granules allows ultraviolet light to accelerate the shingle’s deterioration ultimately reducing the life expectancy of the shingle.

4. Bruising on the shingles isn’t always visible. As the adjuster runs his hand along the shingles, he will feel dimples on the surface. If those dimples have any give to them, that is a sign of hail damage.

5. Cracking on the edges of shingles or circular cracks can occur if hail hits hard enough.

6. For a wood roof, your adjuster will see impact marks quite easily because the dirt from years of exposure to the elements will be removed where the hail hit, but the marks alone aren’t considered hail damage. The wood shingles must be split or punctured.

Insurance adjusters also look for evidence of the size and severity of the hail to determine if damage was probable. If the adjuster does not feel there is sufficient evidence of hail damage, you may be left without the financial ability to replace your roof. Your roof may be weakened and cause problems in the future.

Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies. If you feel that your claim has not been handled satisfactorily and want an adjuster who works for you, please contact us. A public adjuster from Timmons Consulting Group can take a look at your roof and confirm the presence of hail damage. With a public adjuster on your side, you can get your claim finalized with complete peace of mind.

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