Protecting your property from storm damage

Natural disasters strike in Texas each and every year. And when those disasters strike, Timmons Consulting Group is there to help you get the best insurance settlement possible. However, there are things you can do before disaster strikes to protect yourself, your finances, and your property from possible storm damage.

According to the State of Texas’ emergency portal, residents are advised to know the elevation of their property and to understand whether they’re in a floodplain or not. You should also make sure you read and understand your insurance policy. Know what your policy covers and what it doesn’t — remember that many policies don’t cover flood damage. If your policy doesn’t cover floods, consider looking into the national flood insurance program.

Find out if your home meets current building code standards for high winds, the state suggests. Additionally, install commercial shutters and reinforced garage doors. Keep trees trimmed and ensure that there are no dead trees that could fall on your home in the case of high winds.

If you find yourself in the path of a storm and have time to prepare, the emergency portal suggests moving furniture and valuables to a higher level if you are in a floodplain. Additionally, be sure that all outdoor patio furniture is secured. Put plywood or shutters on windows, and turn off electricity at the main breaker in order to protect your appliances from dangerous power surges during the storm.

Even with the best preparations, disaster sometimes strikes. And when it does, before you contact your insurance company, contact us. We are able to get our clients an average of 30 to 40 percent more than the insurance company’s proposed settlement. Insurance is there to protect you. We’re there to be sure that you get the money you need from the insurance company.

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