Texas House Bill 1183, A Year Later

This time last year, Texas House Bill 1183 was making its journey from idea to law via the state’s 83rd legislature. The bill was, in fact, signed into law in June, and became effective on the first of September, 2013.

According to House analysis of the bill, it is intended to protect consumers and prevent fraud by insurance adjusters who are also roofing contractors. Some concern had been expressed, the analysis stated, that some of these adjusters doubling as contractors were committing insurance fraud by increasing the price for roofing work and pocketing the difference. The bill, which is an amendment to the insurance code, prevents insurance or public adjusters from adjusting a loss if they are also roofing contractors or provide roofing services or products.

Timmons Consulting Group doesn’t fix roofs. However, we are licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance to provide the services of a public adjuster. We work as a consultant and an advocate for you during the insurance claims process. When contacted and on the case as soon as the property damage occurs, we are able, on average, to help our clients obtain 30 to 40 percent more than the insurance company’s suggested settlement and get that money into your hands faster so you can make the necessary decisions regarding your property.

House Bill 1183 takes the conflict of interest out of the insurance adjustment process. Timmons Consulting Group adds years of experience, personal advocacy and the mission to maximize your insurance settlement to that process. For more information on the services we provide, contact us.

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