Claims Consulting Maximizes Home and Commercial Polices Should Disaster Strike

Society is wholly reliant on the properties–homes and office buildings–that protect their families and businesses. Whether returning home after a long day’s journey or heading into the office for a productive day of work, people depend on the functionality of these structures to keep their daily lives in check. Human dependency on these buildings is protected through the insurance policies that promise to heal the structures from the damages caused by such natural forces as fire, hail or wind.

Many people feel very reassured that the properties in their lives are insured, resting easily with the belief that should a disaster befall their home or business, that their insurance provider will swoop in quickly to efficiently erase all damage. Theoretically at least, insurance companies are supposed to keep the property owner’s interests at the forefront of their decisions; unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit businesses. This means that profit margins will frequently eclipse the needs and rights of a home or business owner.

Thankfully, claims consulting services exist to place the property owner’s rights and needs firmly back into the center of the recovery effort. Public adjusters, working on behalf of the building’s owner, ease many of the stresses that stem not only from the disaster itself but also from the wranglings associated with an unscrupulous insurance company.

Hiring a public adjuster ensures that the building owner receives all that is promised within their policy. Reading insurance jargon is a daunting task for everyone, but a public adjuster’s expertise translates that specialized language into results for the policy holder. Not to be confused with an insurance adjuster, a public adjuster works for the property’s owner, not for the insurance company. Working on behalf of the policy holder, a public adjuster negotiates on behalf of the owner, helping families reestablish their routines and businesses return to their craft with minimal interruption.

If your home or business has been the victim of a natural disaster, please contact us. We at Timmons Consulting Group look forward to supporting your recovery efforts, garnering you the maximum settlement according to your policy.

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