What Can a Public Adjuster Do For You?

When you have an insurance claim for damages that need to be repaired, you can file a claim and hope for a fair and equitable offer. If you aren’t satisfied with the amount of the offer, you can dispute it and begin a process of negotiations to obtain a better offer. Insurance company claims adjusters, just like everyone else, are working for someone who is not you. They are responsible for creating an offer that is most beneficial for the insurance company.

Public Adjusters are insurance experts who work for you.

They have your best interest at heart. They know the insurance industry, and know how to navigate the claims process to obtain the best settlement for you. Public adjusters go through the same training and licensing requirements as company adjusters do, so they look at all the same factors and calculate their own estimates. They negotiate from a well informed position to ensure their clients the best payout. They may also discover hidden damage that would otherwise not be found.

They Can Save You Time

There are a many details that go into structuring insurance claims. They can be very time consuming and take you away from other things that need to be done, especially if complications or disputes arise. Public adjusters know all the work that is needed, and are capable of gathering and organizing all the information needed to proceed efficiently. They do their jobs so you can get back to yours.

They Can Negotiate a Better Payout

Since Public Adjusters have the same knowledge as company adjusters, they negotiate on the same level. If a dispute or new information arises, they can collect all the information necessary for a satisfactory outcome. In fact, the average payout that our firm negotiates is settled for 30 to 40 percent more than the insurance company’s suggested offer.

For more information about how Timmons Consulting Group can help you get the most equitable settlement from your insurance claim, or to help you negotiate a disputed claim, contact us online or call 972-234-8300. We look forward to working with you.

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