Did Last Winter Cause Damage to Your Roof? Let a Public Adjuster Help You Find Out

Last winter was one of those winters that left behind storm damage we’re probably only now beginning to see on many homes. No doubt this summer, people are discovering plenty of roof damage as a results. Roofs are especially vulnerable to the extremes of going from very cold to very warm and has likely damaged many a roofing shingle in recent months.

In the above scenario, you may be experiencing some signs in your home that the Polar Vortex damaged your roof. If that’s true, what can you do about it to get it fixed through your homeowners policy? And what happens if they deny that the Polar Vortex had anything to do with your roofing damage?

Signs Your Roof Now Has Damage

The sure physical sign of damage as the result of the Polar Vortex is broken shingles. They may appear buckled or cracked at first sight. Some of them may even be missing as the result of them falling off due to the ice and chilly winds last winter. Unfortunately, some shingles may be more damaged than they initially appear, giving some problems in proving severe damage was done. Additional damage might be cracking around rubber boots surrounding ventilation pipes on your roof.

More compelling evidence is on the inside if you’re experiencing leaks as the result of the damage. Dark water stains on drywall will be a sure sign of shingle damage. But even then, those stains may not always be clear enough for your homeowners policy inspector who will come and inspect your roof to see how much damage is actually there.

Can You Trust Your Homeowners Policy Roof Inspection?

We all know that most insurance companies are going to be very circumspect on what they shell out money for to repair damage to anything. Homeowners insurance policies are notorious for that, even if some damage is undeniable in natural disasters. Damage to a roof, however, can be much more subtle. The Polar Vortex was a different kind of situation that caused cumulative damage rather than sudden. This can prove difficult when an inspector comes and attempts to tell you the damage isn’t as bad as you know it is.

It’s then when you should call a public adjuster to come and do the inspection for you. Previously, your homeowners insurance could hire a roofing contractor to perform the adjustment before doing repair work on the roof. The aforementioned practice is now illegal thanks to Texas’s House Bill 1183.

Now you can place trust in a public adjuster who will come and inspect your roof and provide a more accurate analysis of your roofing damage. Here at Timmons Consulting Group, we want you to know more about what we do as a public adjuster and how we can help you prove your roofing damage is more than your homeowners insurance says.

Contact us if you’re experiencing problems with your homeowners insurance in denying you had roofing damage from last year’s Polar Vortex. We know how subtle roofing damage can be, and we’ll make sure the evidence is clear so you won’t be out hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get your roof fixed before the next Polar Vortex storm hits.

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