Check These Hidden Spaces for Signs of Water Damage After a Storm

If your home has recently undergone a large storm outside, you’ll need to do a full inspection of the house to look for any signs of water damage. This kind of damage can be expensive to take care of, making it important for you to become aware of it as soon as possible. The following areas of your home are main targets of hidden water damage, making them a must-check space.

Behind Furniture

Bulky furniture, such as the sofa or bookcase, can often hide all kinds of things. Water damage is not an exception. Carefully lifting the furniture with the help of an assistant can allow you to check thoroughly for any signs of water damage. Keeping an eye out for any signs of minor damages can help you get the repairs done right away.

Under the Flooring

While removing or even a corner of your floors can be difficult and requires tools, it’s necessary if you want to do a thorough check for water damage. By taking a look under the floors, you can see if the padding underneath has absorbed any water during a storm. Since water often finds a way inside and can cause damage if left unchecked, you’ll want to check all the furniture in an area that was exposed to water.

The Ceiling

Even if you don’t believe your roof is damaged or any leaks have occurred, you’ll want to take a close look at the ceiling of the top story. Signs of water damage include brown spots and water droplets still forming.

If you suspect that your home has water damage after a storm, please contact us.

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