Using the Proper Technology to Determine Water Damage

Water damage can end up being far too subtle and can easily be overlooked by your insurance policy during an inspection. In many cases, water damage can manifest years later rather than be seen by the naked eye immediately. It’s one reason why you shouldn’t trust an inspector from your insurance to give you a final word. Most insurance companies are going to attempt to overlook a lot of things while also fooling you into thinking you’re getting an expert inspection.

In reality, you probably aren’t getting a proper inspection. Certain technology should be used to determine water damage since a lot of it can’t be seen until mold starts developing. And it’s technology we’ll provide here at Timmons Consulting Group when you look into hiring a public adjuster to do the inspection for you.

Using Infrared Technology to See the Actual Water Damage

By taking an infrared or thermal imaging camera into your property, you can see water damage on things that can’t ordinarily be seen by the human eye. Your insurance company will probably hope you don’t know about this and perhaps won’t bring in such equipment to use during their inspection. But we will when you hire us to do a proper inspection of your home. Once we get that proof, we’ll send it to your insurance company.

While this may show them as incompetent in their own inspection, they can’t deny the evidence we provide. You may have extensive water damage the infrared camera footage will pick up that would have been your own financial responsibility without using this technology.

Using a Moisture Meter

This is another piece of equipment your insurance inspector may not use. That’s because it’s designed to pick up moisture not readily seen. It can also find locations of water around your home that an inspector may gloss over just because it doesn’t look wet on the surface.

If your initial inspector doesn’t use a moisture meter, you know you’re getting a negligent inspection. By calling us, you can be sure we’ll use this moisture meter to give you an inspection that’s guaranteed to be thorough. We’ll also prove the moisture in your home is the result of something you couldn’t control rather than your own responsibility. One of the worst decisions insurance inspectors make is attempting to make it look like your water damage was preventable due to lack of home maintenance.

Contact us here at Timmons Consulting Group if you’ve just been given a negligent inspection and need to find the truth about water damage in your home. We represent the state of Texas where a new law in the last year removes the possibility that your insurance inspector also becomes the person doing the repair. We’ll make sure you get repair from a reputable company with no association to your insurance company.

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