Use the H.B. 1183 Law This Winter if You Experience Wind Damage on Your Roof

With winter soon upon us, wind storms are going to be more of a problem nationwide, and Texas is no different. Wind damage can happen at any time and unexpectedly here, which can throw you off guard when you’re not sure where to turn. In many cases, people get in such a hurry to get their roof repaired that they end up taking a quick offer just to get it done.

Before last year, some insurance adjusters would do double duty as roofing contractors and end up making an estimate on repair themselves. In some cases, they’d end up charging the person a fortune, or not repairing things correctly. You also had situations where the insurance adjusters would hire the roofing contractors themselves and dictate what needed to be done. In those cases, work that needed to be done wasn’t done because the adjuster would do a slipshod inspection and claim damage was little to nothing.

We’ve just passed the first anniversary of H.B. 1133 that was passed in the Texas legislature in September of 2013. This now prohibits any insurance adjuster from working as a roofing contractor or having direct influence on work a roofing contractor does. The state of Texas is already seeing benefits from this, even though insurance adjusters can still get away with downgrading potential damage to your roof from wind damage.

Thankfully, if an insurance adjuster breaks the H.B. 1133 law, they could face severe criminal penalties. But you’re still going to need a public adjuster who can help you if your insurance company denies you have any roof damage when that kind of damage is frequently subtle.

Here at Timmons Consulting Group, we work as a public adjuster as a service to the public to give them peace of mind in making sure insurance companies pay for real damage. We make sure you get the proper inspections using appropriate equipment that checks for water damage, plus damage to shingles that can’t always be seen by the naked eye.

Contact us and we’ll use H.B. 1133 to your advantage if you suspect your insurance adjuster is breaking the law. Be assured that we’ll work hard to get a proper inspection of your roof for definitive evidence so you don’t have to shell money out of your own pocket for repairs.

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